Classic Wooden Swing Set / Monkey Bars & Chained Accessories

Classic Wooden Swing Set / Monkey Bars & Chained Accessories

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THE CLASSIC SWING SET is as basic as it gets. Enjoy hours of fun swinging away on this timeless design.

Classic Swing Set Standard Features Include:

  • 15 Year Limited Warranty
  • Constructed with #1 Grade Southern Yellow Pine
  • Pressure treated with ACQ Preserve (Arsenic & Chromium Free)
  • Factory Stained & Sealed
  • Thru-Bolted Flush-Fit Hardware
  • Heavy Duty 3 Position Top Ladder Extension
  • 2 Sling Swings & Ring Trapeze with chain
  • Shipping Weight: 200 lbs.

    Here’s What You Get With Classic Swing Set:
  • 15 Year Limited Warranty on lumber; 1 year Limited Warranty on all other components
  • Constructed from a premium grade lumber that is resistant from insects, wood, rot
  • All lumber cut to length, stained and sealed, drilled for thru-bolted, flush fit, corrosion resistant hardware
  • Wooden ground stakes are included; no cement required for installation
  • Structural metal plates at critical stress points
  • Comprehensive assembly manual with easy to follow step by step instructions
  • Please allow a 6' play perimeter around entire playset.
    Best of all completely "packaged" and ready to assemble
  • Recommended ages 3 to 10, Designed for Residential use only
  • Adult assembly required

    Here is a list of household tools you’ll need:
  • Claw Hammer - Carpenter’s Level
  • Box Wrench or Sockets (7/16" & 1/2")
  • Electric Drill - 1/8, 3/16" and 3/8" Drill Bits (High Speed)
  • Screwdriver (Medium Phillips) - Locking Pliers
  • 10 ft. Tape Measure - Framing Square
  • 6 ft. Step Ladder

Beeswax or Soap (Used to lubricate screw threads)

Playtime Swing Sets are built by Creative Playthings. We are proud to offer the Playtime Swing Set line as the “Ready to Assemble” offering of Creative Playthings, Ltd. Creative Playthings has been in the business of producing high quality educationally oriented children’s toys and backyard playgrounds since 1951. The product line presented in this website is what we believe represents the absolute best “Ready to Assemble” line of wooden swing sets on the market. We make that bold statement with confidence because we not only know our business, but we know the industry having been in it longer than any of our competitors. It all starts with the primary lumber that goes into a wooden swing set. Playtime Swingsets are all made from southern yellow pine lumber, with the exception of one model, grown right here in the USA. The lumber is preserved with a non toxic chemical called ACQ and goes through an 8 step manufacturing and inspection process before it is packaged in our own factory in Emporia, Virginia. All of the components have been laboratory and/or field tested for strength, durability, UV color fastness and corrosion resistance.

We are very proud to present our PLAYTIME SWING SETS product line of “Ready to Assemble” swing sets as a continuation of almost 60 years of our parent company’s tradition as building the very finest children’s play sets on the market. We understand that in this competitive world and current economic climate it is very important to know that the company making the product will be here tomorrow to support your purchase.

In Stock - Price includes Shipping to most US locations* Some restrictions apply. If there are any additional charges for shipping we will notify you, and allow you to cancel your order if the cost is unacceptable to you.

Delivery is to residential curbside-a person(s) must be present to sign and help unload the item off the truck. Please have help available for delivery. The Freight Delivery company will contact you to schedule your appointment for delivery.

For Safety's Sake
This product is intended for single family home/residential use only and is not intended for use in any public setting. Placement in any public setting constitutes a misuse of this product.

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