2 For Fun Glider Swing NE 4315 by Swing N Slide

2 For Fun Glider Swing NE 4315 by Swing N Slide

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2 For Fun Multi Child Glider by Swing-N-Slide. Our green plastic glider swing with chains is designed for one or two riders and made for wooden swing sets or playsets. Two kids have twice the FUN with this colorful glider. With its back to back, single unit plastic swing design, your child can fly solo or invite a friend to fly with him or her. The built in handle bars and foot loops provide a safe ride for children. Your child will love soaring to new heights with this swing set glider. Also called a double glider swing, this multi-child swing encourages teamwork and builds social skills. Children can work together and share the excitement as they swing all day long. If your child likes to spend time with their friends, this 2-person swing set glider will be an excellent addition to any play set. Features a heavy duty plastic construction with plastisol coated chains to prevent pinching.

  • Promotes teamwork and builds core body strength
  • Children sit back to back
  • Age: 3 - 10 years
    Weight Capacity: 150 lbs.
    Chain length: 60"

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