Playtime Swing Sets FAQ

FAQs for Creative Playthings Wooden Swing Sets

Q. What is a swing set "GYM"?

A. Gyms, also called "forts" and "towers" are the elevated central play platform of Creative Playthings Wooden Swing Sets. Slides, Access Ladders, and other accessories attach to the gym and a Sandbox is usually at the base of the Gym. .

Q. What is a swing set "PLAY DECK"?

A. Play decks are the actual elevated play area on the swing set gym. Large gyms are 5' x 7', medium ones 5' x 5' and small ones 4' x 4'. Most of our Creative Playthings Play Decks are located 5' above the ground, except for the Hampton, which is 4'.

Q. What is a "SWING BEAM"? What is a "TOP LADDER"?

A. Each Creative Playthings Wooden Swing Set is composed of a "Gym" and the actual swing set itself. In this swing area, you have a choice of either a SWING BEAM or a TOP LADDER. The Swing Beam is a single structural member which holds the swings and gliders. The Top Ladder also holds the swings, but has "ladder rungs" on it as well for additional climbing fun.

Q. Are your swing sets suitable for children's daycare?

A. Yes, our Creative Playthigns Wooden Swing Sets can be used in a home daycare setting. They are designed for residential use. If you have more than 4 children in your home daycare, please consider our commercial playground line.

Q. What is the difference between the Naturaline™ & Special Pine™ Swing Sets?

A. Our Naturaline™ 100% chemical free wood swing sets contain no wood preservatives, and are stained red. They carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty against wood rot and insect damage. Our Special Pine™ Play Sets are made of Southern Yellow Pine, and are stained brown. They also carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty against wood rot and insect damage.

Q. Is the wood in your play sets pressure treated?

A. All of the wood used to manufacture our Naturaline™ Swing Sets is not chemically treated. Our Special Pine™ and Basic Pine Play Sets are made of # 1 Grade Southern Yellow Pine and treated with ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary). ACQ contains no arsenic or chromium and is completely safe for children.

Q. What are the weight recommendations for Swing Set Accessories?

A. Your wooden swing set has been designed to accommodate as many children as there are play positions. A maximum of 150 lbs. per child is recommended for play activities designed for individual use and 120 lbs. per child for multiple use activities. Please remember that your swing set has been engineered for children.

Q. Now that my swing set is assembled and installed, will I have to do anything to it?

A. Yes. You must provide routine inspections and regular maintenance. These procedures are covered in the "Required Maintenance" section of your Creative Playthings Owners Manual.

Q. How often should my assembled swing set be inspected?

A. An initial inspection should take place one week after installation and twice a month thereafter for the remaining life of your play set.

Q. When should the necessary maintenance be performed?

A. At the beginning of each play season or as often as may be deemed necessary from inspection. Major maintenance (primarily a thorough inspection and re-sealing) should be performed at twelve-month intervals from the date of installation.

Q. Why does it seem that my swing set is developing cracks?

A. As wood is a natural material, no two pieces are exactly alike. Each piece has its own characteristics and personality and reacts differently to climate changes. When any wood product is exposed to the elements, it develops "wood checks". A check is the radial separation of the wood fibers running with the grain of the wood. These are caused by the varying temperature and moisture conditions. A check is not a crack - it does not affect the strength or durability of the part and is not covered under warranty.