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Playground Recycled Rubber Mulch [RubberMulch]

KidWise-Black-Rubber-Mulch.jpg - Playground Recycled Rubber Mulch
Playground Recycled Rubber Mulch
Model: RubberMulch
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Perfect for swing set ground cover our recycled tires are becoming a popular trend. This protective surfacing, rubber mulch arrives in “bits and pieces” in individual bags and used underneath swing sets in backyards across the USA and is school playgrounds. This is one safety solution that must not be overlooked for the reason that it ranks higher than materials. It dries fast and is available in 6 colors to compliment your swing set or landscaping. This recycled rubber surfacing is packaged in bags for easier moving and putting into place. 

Playground Rubber Mulch has endless benefits... - Safe for Children - Protects kids from most common playground injuries resulting from falls! - Pliable surface to reduce stress on joints and bones! - Inhibits growth of molds and fungi. - Non-Toxic - Reduces Weed Growth - Safe for Plants - Does not attract Insects! - Allows 100% of water and fertilizer to reach the soil! - Holds moisture in the soil so you water less! - Does not Decay - Stays looking new for 5-8 years! - Nearly Maintenance Free! - Will not float or blow away.

Price includes FREE DELIVERY for one pallet of rubber mulch bags with 72.5 to 75 cubic feet of material weighing approximately 2000lbs. Each Pallet will cover approximately 300 SF to 3 inches deep, rated for a 5 ft fall height. Or Covers 150 SF to 6 inches deep tested for a 12 ft fall height. Our recycled rubber playground mulch helps protect kids from the most common playground injuries resulting from falls.

  • Our mulch is 99.9% free of contaminants.
  • Meets CPSC safety guidelines, and ASTM F-1292-99, and F-1951-99.
  • Durble and long lasting
  • Easy to install
  • Non-Toxic • Self Cleaning
  • For playground and landscape use
  • 99.9% Steel Free • Expected color life is 5 to 8 years