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We are a small business, family owned and operated since 2003! Best Price Toys has been a leading supplier of swing sets to families, pre-schools, and church's across the USA and Canada. As independent owners we believe in personalized service and answering the phone. Our selling strategy is easy - we offer great kids toys, along with a customer service dept. that will complete a phone order for you or just answer questions. We don't use high pressure tactics and we respect your privacy.

For over a decade, we have been selling toys made right here in America! That includes custom sleeping bags for boys and girls. Our baby crib bedding, Moses baskets and diaper bags are custom made to order in Illinois. We offer hand crafted sleds from Colorado and hand carved wooden trains from Montana. Classroom furniture is hand crafted in WA for schools and military bases across the world. Our Palmers playhouse and our upholstered recliner chairs are made right in our own backyard, Michigan!

We believe in recycling; our rubber mulch and tire swings reflect this belief. We ship using recycled boxes and packing supplies whenever we can. That includes newspapers and peanuts, we even peel off old labels so we use the same box again. You won't mind will you?  

From overseas, we feature Germany engineered tricycles, bikes and swing sets and from France we import hand painted musical instruments. Of course, we also have lots of playthings imported from China because many of our vendors have there own factories overseas; which controls the quality of the product!

  • Most orders are shipped within 24 hours (unless it's custom made!)

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